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Giorgia as a little girl would watch her grandparents at work in their tailor’s shop, in the centre of Rome, and there she started to picture her future.


She obtained her high school diploma from the science specialist school and then went on to graduate from the Koefia Academy of High fashion with a degree in “Fashion Project design”. After which, to further specialise, she completed a Master’s degree in “CAD-CAM Model making”.


After working for two important fashion houses, firstly for Gattinoni Alta Moda and then for Maison Valentino, she decided to set up on her own and so in June 2012 she created the bag collection carrying her name as a brand name, giving credibility to the product image as well as to her Italian identity.  


Mass production was starting to lose its appeal so she decided to focus on creating an artisan product, both unique and of high quality, but at a competitive price.


The brand consists of bags made of real leather from the best Tuscan tanneries. Each single item is a combination of continuous research, quality production and an obsessive attention to detail, resulting in a product which is exclusive in both style and design. Giorgia Baiocco’s style is based on unusual shapes, colour combinations and geometric volumes.


The basic concept comes to life thanks to the competence of clever and skilled artisans, while the exclusive “Made in Italy” handicraft takes place in one of the historical leather workshops in Rome.


In September 2014, the fashion magazine Vogue adds the brand Giorgia Baiocco to its guide: “A new generation of fashion designers”, thereby confirming her position as one of the top, up-and-coming designers of accessories.


Her collections are designed for those women who are extravagant at heart, confident and knowledgeable, free and who stand out in a crowd, in other words women who have “something to say”.